Friday, April 22, 2016

An Introduction to: Homestuck

Hello! Chances are if you read the above title you said one of three things to yourself:
"Homestuck! : ) " or "Homestuck! >  :  (" or maybe just
Note: an image from the comic. 
In the case that is was the third answer, worry not because I am here to inform you. Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie which you can find here. It is about four kids who play a video game that ends the world. But it is a lot more than that really, so much so that it will take a entire post to just to explain it! A bit of a warning though, it contains a fair amount of strong language so be advised.

Homestuck is a comic done is the style of text based adventure games, and it seems to parody them at first. It also has flash animations and minigames, so it's really more of a web-thing at this point. It also happens to have over 8,000 pages, so it's kinda a doozy.

It starts off about a boy named John Egbert, who receives of a copy of the game Sburb in the mail. Little does he know that playing this game kind of ends the world. So him and his fellow players Rose, Dave, and Jade must play the game in order to escape certain doom.

Homestuck is really a comic about a lot of things, and it starts out with it being a parody of video games. With all the captchalogging shenanigans and other such references. But does it get more complicated, who boy! Homestuck has a long and complicated plot with one thing making it so complicated: Time travel.
note: another image( GIF) from the webcomic.
 Homestuck has a complicated plot with many confusing factors but somehow I feel it does this well. It's confusing at times to be sure, but it's so well written you can't help but love it( at least me anyways). The characters feel real, the plot is good, it's not afraid to get silly, and it all just has this lovable feeling to it. Homestuck just completed it's run about a week ago, so now it the perfect time to read it. I'd tell you more but Homestuck is best something experienced for yourself.

Anyways that is just my feelings on and introduction to my favorite webcomic ever, so I hoped you enjoyed it. I haven't been posting much because I have a bit of a project coming up in a few weeks, which I will post here. I hope you are looking forward to it. Catch ya later! : o )