Friday, May 20, 2016

The Powerpuff Girls (2016 version)

Well, that was...something. Yeah. It is time for my review of the brand new Powerpuff Girls show. This show is a reboot of another show also called The Powerpuff Girls, which happens to be one of my favorite cartoons ever, so you could say I was more than a little bit disappointed with this. It is about sisters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, little girls with super powers who use them to fight crime. Everything in this reboot is newer and flashier, and more "Modern", but that is not necessarily a good thing. At a lot of points I feel like they were trying way to hard to be "Hip" with the troll faces and random rap-offs and what not, and I felt it was all very annoying.

 They have also exaggerated the negative aspects of the girls personalities. Buttercup was always a bit rude in the original, but her meanness and sarcasm go way too far I feel,  as well her tendency to use modern lingo, like the way she says "Dude" every other word. Bubbles was always the sweet one in the original, but she feels like a bit of annoying weakling now, who is constantly whining. And Blossom, acts smarter but is in fact much more stupid and selfish. In fact all of the girls are complete MORONS now!!! They get duped by the villains and are just plain stupid. And they even let the villain get away in one!!!

Speaking of the villains: Ugghhhhhhhh! Just ugh. The villains that they come up with are so uninspired and bland. The best thing about the original Powerpuff Girls was the villains. In fact Mojo and the others were the reason I watched as a kid! They fun and interesting and maybe even sympathetic, and sometimes even a bit silly! You liked these characters almost as much as the girls so they were fun to watch. I feel like with the new villains they were just checking off some kind of villain box. And the old villains just feel like they are just sort of... there. And they completely missed Mojo's personality.

And the character designs don feel very "Townsville", they are also bland. I am not  sure just what it is but they just feel off and lifeless, like most of the show's animation. Which is better but also worse? It looks newer and shinier but lacks depth and the charm that the original show had. And it has a number of errors, some of which are rather distracting.

I know I should stop comparing this to the original but even by itself it is still bad. All of the aforementioned flaws are just as bad with or without the original. It has dropped things like the narrator and the "Once again the day is saved" yet expects you to know what they are when it makes a random reference out of nowhere. It wants to be it's own thing( and fails) but it also wants ride on nostalgia(and fails) and ends up being rather directionless.

Which leads me to the final and most grievous sin of this show: The Morals. Each episode is obviously trying to teach kids a positive message but does quite the opposite! The level of fail in this particular aspect of this show is epic in how bad it gets things. Like in one episode the girls are forced to go to school after theirs is ruined by a monster, where all of the kids gang up of them and make fun of  them( which is absolutely crazy by itself. You may "Nick but it's school and kids are mean!" but the level of ridicule they get is beyond ridiculous, basically everyone, even the dorks, make fun of them. And of course, they feel like it is horrible and stuff even though they are SUPER HEROES WHO HAVE SAVED THE TOWN MANY TIMES SO EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THEM. And what kind of moron builds a school next to a prison?). Anyway, the girls get the professor( who now has no common sense what so ever) to make them a potion to make them older. He tells them it is dangerous to take to much, but literally 5 seconds later( no joke, it is 5 seconds later) they do and the next morning they turn into old ladies. You'd think that when they get to school they will still be made fun of , BUT everything is great and it all worked out in their favor. And they only turn back because...they want to I guess? And the moral is: Give into peer pressure? Yeah, because that is great thing to be telling kids.

All in all, this show is really bad. Like super bad. It has tons of other internal logic flaws that I did not mention and everyone in it has the intelligence of a pebble, and are all massive jerks. The voices are annoying and I am sure I would be here all day if I had to list everything wrong with this show

Considering Powerpuff Girls was the first cartoon I remember watching, I feel like someone is taking my childhood and forcing me to watch as they beat it over the head with baseball bat. Don't watch this show. I give The Powerpuff Girls(2016) 1 out of 5 stars. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go slam my head against a brick wall for awhile. I'll see you factoring hectopascals later. : o )

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