Friday, September 30, 2016


Hello everyone, Nick here! You've probably noticed I haven't posted in a while and I would like to clarify. I've reached a major dilemma concerning Quest Incorporated. My art is...not the best and it bugs me. I am very slow so I cannot deliver  the comic at the speed I would like and I feel my art does not match the scenes I want to portray. I love this story and want it to be so much more than it is.
As I said I'm not an artist and I can barely do art at all to be honest so that brings me to a big Dilemma. Do I continue with the comic as is? Or do I post it some other way. I'm honestly at a complete loss as for what to do so any input would be helpful. Thanks, and just a formal announcement that won't be doing anything for a while. Thank you!

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