Thursday, September 22, 2016

Re:Zero Episode 1 Part 1 Review

Episode One Part A: Re:zero is an anime about a nerdy otaku named Natsuki Subaru who is sucked into a fantasy realm. If have watched anime, you know that this a very overused trope by now. It’s so run into the ground the mere mention of being a “lost in a fantasy world anime” plot will have some dismiss from that alone. While Re:zero does seem to be rather typical something about it just pulled me it. The episode rather stared on a creepy note, something unusual for this genre.
 After Subaru is pulled into this world is when things get really fun. Subaru obviously has seen just as many of this kind of anime as we have and it leads to a lot of rather hilarious circumstances. As this happens the show itself begins to lovingly parody the kind of show it was originally trying be as Subaru questions why he isn’t the center of attention to some pretty girls. Instead of having him be your typical Gary Stu, everything goes all-right for me kind of guy, the show opts to make Subaru a lovable loser. His overreactions and attempted heroism make Subaru have a very distinct personality.
 Eventually he meets “Satella” (have a feeling that isn’t her real name) a beautiful mage girl with white hair, and her sprit companion, Puck. Subaru vows to help her get her insignia back, on the grounds that he must perform one good deed per day. At least that’s what he said, but he is obviously doing it for different reasons. I really liked this girl and she seemed a lot deeper than your typical love interest. I am not sure what is it about her that seems more well written but there is a lot hidden meanings in what she says and little personality traits that drew me in.  Her bitterly mentioning being a half-elf was a great way to show that this world is different that your typical fantasy world without actually saying anything. A great moment to be sure. 
As they narrow down where her insignia might be the show reacquires that eerie feeling present in the beginning of the episode. I am not sure but it seems like something will go very wrong in the next episode. 

Overall this was a very strong first episode of a show. The characters a very well written and it has a  lot going on. I still have to watch part two but I just thought I’d bring you my thoughts on this episode. I give this episode 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend  it. 

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